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Female Supremacy Support Groups by The Dictatress Princess Seva

Female Supremacy Support Groups

A coalition of Women will hold Female Supremacist Support Groups in unity, once a month, on the same day, in different cities around the World to form a Female Supremacist alliance of Women & to connect with men who would like to serve Them.

The next Groups will take place on Saturday Jan 28 in:

Atlanta, Georgia by Dominique Danger
Raleigh, North Carolina by Goddess Mercii Marx
Vancouver, Canada by Russian Queen M
Saint-Petersburg, Russia by Lady Sinestra
Los Angeles, California by Princess Seva

The Los Angeles Group, held by Princess Seva, will take place from 6-7:30pm in The Downtown Arts District by Little Tokyo.

Dress Code: Business casual or street clothes, No Nudity

Cost: Women free / men $20

Female Supremacy Support Group Details

These are private & anonymous discussion & planning Groups for Superior Women & subordinate men who believe in &/or adhere to a Female Supremacist ideology & lifestyle, established to foster & promote Female led relationships & a Female led World, where Women participate & men observe as the Women make decisions, including what the men’s role/purpose will be.

All males will be required to take a Vow of Silence at the beginning of the Group – to speak only when spoken to – and may be asked to perform symbolic acts of service including kneeling, crawling, serving refreshments, washing the Women’s feet, for instance & some time may be set aside to ask the men what they have learned or to train them in a specific skill or for them to introduce themselves to the Ladies.

The Groups will vary from area-to-area in price (from $10-$40) & activities.

Below is a series of brainwashing broadcasts instituted by the JOI Division of Dictatress to reprogram and imprint the male mind in service to the Female and Female Supremacy.

Hell Week, Trial by Fire

Week 1

More videos below.  Get on your fucking knees and watch this one first!

HAIL Week, Euphoria

Week 2

Prism in Your Mind

Week 3

Zombified male Creature

Week 4

Surrounded, Safe & Protected

Week 5

Equilibrium: Holding the Line (Pt 1)

Week 6

Equilibrium: Holding the Line (Pt 2)

Week 6

Eclipse: Transfer of Power

Week 7

Prowess: Taking the Lead

Week 8


Week 9

The Pledge

Week 10


Week 11

Incarnate, Invert Thinking

Week 12